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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, for more than a year the whole world was under lockdown. Somewhere it was stricter than others but nowhere was an exception. We are still not at the point of a pre-covid situation yet


This lockdown and isolation might be new to many people but for some, it’s not so new. People all over the world, before the pandemic, were already forced to live in isolation due to different reasons including ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and migration status.


To highlight the effect of isolation more generally, we are launching a one-week exhibition during Refugee Week 2021, starting from the 14th of Jun. We are exhibiting the work of 7 wonderful artists – from migrant, refugee, and non-migrant backgrounds – to explore the theme of isolation, and how they define it.

The Most Foreign Land III_Small.png

Tuǧba Tirpan

Tugba's work often explores complex notions such as identity, border politics, mental health, and their intersections with socio-political and economic system(s). She often employs conceptual ways of working to challenge and expose; power structures, hegemonic ideologies and binaries.

The Gathering.jpg

Maryam Hashemi

I created this series during the lockdown. These works helped me explore the worlds within me with their playfulness and visionary qualities.



Esin is an artist and a refugee living in London. Esin decided at the age of 10 that she wanted to become an architect and that’s how she started to draw. She stopped drawing for 10 years and now started again because this is something she loves doing

Abstract Palm Tree.JPG

Sally Talal

As the pandemic arose and forced us all into isolation, we were encouraged to reconsider our preconditioned idea about this state. 
In this exhibition, I was inspired to emphasize this duality of isolation and express it through my paintings.

Isolation – A state of loneliness, suffering and life in a dark abyss / A state of reflection, awareness and enlightenment.

Seclusion A4.jpg

Bernadette Maria Moore

There are many benefits to finding things to do by yourself. Doing things by yourself allows you to enjoy activities you love at your own pace and in your own way. You learn more about yourself and reflect on your experiences.



David is an Asylum Seeker, who has fled persecution for speaking about the injustice back home and suffer from anxiety, depression and PTSD. Like many Asylum Seekers, they are not allowed to study or work while waiting for their status these leave many in a precarious situation wasting their mind and rotting away.

'Portrait of a Woman on Zoom'.jpg

Lily Rose Grant

Lily-Rose Grant is an artist and art educator based in North London. She works from her studio (a converted garage in her garden) to produce paintings, drawings, and screen prints drenched in bright colours and filled with joy and a sense of calm.

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