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Location: 76 St Mary Rd, London E17 9RE, United Kingdom

Introducing you

a coffee

with a conscience...

Our Story

Founded in 2019 by social entrepreneur and refugee Usman Khalid, HAVEN Coffee is a coffee brand with a social mission, running pop-up coffee shops for workspaces and events across London. We provide a coffee shop experience without you even having to leave the building. With our professionally trained baristas and organic high-quality blends, HAVEN can give you that perfect cup of coffee you are looking for.

What’s more, each cup of HAVEN Coffee you buy helps support and raise awareness for refugee communities across the UK, from promoting refugee artists to organising events both visual and performing art, as well as providing barista training to those refugees who are looking to build a new professional life for themselves.

What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprises are businesses and organizations whose main objective is to make the world a better place. Like traditional businesses their main goal is to create profit yet it's how they manage it that makes them stand out from others. They either reinvest or donate their profit to make positive social change.


By selling products and services, social enterprises also create employment to support their community. They often handle social issues, improve people’s social status and jobs, and last but not least - provide professional training and business opportunities.

Usman portrait 1.jpg

Usman Khalid

Founder / Director

What do WE do as a social enterprise?

  • We sell our speciality coffee in order to support local refugee communities.

  • We provide barista training to refugees (and not only) in order to secure them a good start in the hospitality industry

  • We promote refugee artists to organising events both visual and performing art.

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wholesale supply

Whether you already have your own café or you are planning to open one, we are here to give you a great start with our wholesale supply. No minimum order required!

Barista training

Through our events, we provide barista training to refugees to support the arts among refugee communities across London.

coffee with a cause

We are more than just a coffee company. We are a social enterprise.

Each cup of HAVEN Coffee supports local refugee communities across the UK and also supports their talents in creating art - both visual and performing.

coffee for events

From coffee shops to conferences, festivals to talks, HAVEN Coffee takes part in all different types of events to support its corporate partners.

Location Mark
Our main coffee shop:
HAVEN Coffee
76 St Mary Rd,
London E17 9RE
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